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On a bright note, my beloved oldest daughter is home from BYU for Christmas and as she and I were catching up over breakfast at McDonald's, she told me that she had been to #WeForShe and had met a really smart woman there with whom she had exchanged some emails - Neylene, something like that, she wasn't quite sure how to pronounce it? (We're from Minnesota, where people have Lutheran names.) Anyhow, I was quite excited by the idea, knowing something of you, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mentor in some small way my bright, strong, and marvelous daughter. She'll say, wrongfully, that her dad raised her to be a feminist. In reality, she's had it in her all along, and while I'm pretty outspoken, her quiet but strong and independent mother has as much or more to do with who Kate is than I do.

At any rate, thank you for taking time to encourage her. She very much took your remarks to heart and has enjoyed your correspondence. She is a miracle.

Shane Pittson

I just wanted to get in contact. I attended your ward on Sunday April 12th and you gave a talk that I really appreciated. Unfortunately I wasn't taking notes and I regret that because there were more than a few things that you put very eloquently that I would love to reference. I understand that you have a much higher profile than most speakers on a given Sunday and may prefer not to give out what you said but i would love to have a transcript of that talk.

Thanks from a young Mormon feminist,

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