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February 09, 2015


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Emily Geddes

What a gorgeous painting! I too hope that more images of the feminine divine - and women from the scriptures and church history - will be displayed prominently in our homes and church buildings. Thanks for doing so much to make them more visible.

Kate MC

Yes! It's wonderful to see a depiction of a female form present during the creation. It's something I have ached to see. Thank you for sharing this. I love J Kirk Richard's work and how his abstraction gives room for a more active role in seeing by the viewer.

I also think that it is essential that depictions of "real" female models are available, not just idealized or allegorical forms. I thought the BCC YW value cards were an excellent example of how that could be done


Amy Wilson

I bought a J. Kirk Richards print while in college and still love it. I prefer a less representational style.

Our stake center recently invested in lots of art (prints) to display around the building. The RS room has The Annunciation and Minerva Teichert's Mary and Martha (which I particularly enjoy, as Martha isn't portrayed as the misguided worker on the outside but is rather included within the arch of light surrounding the Savior. I find it to be a woman's portrayal, with sensitivity and understanding towards Martha). Lining the hall outside the RS room are more Minerva Teicherts, including the vision of the Tree of Life that portrays Sariah falling to her knees at the very center of the painting, the ministering of the angels to the children in 3rd Nephi that depicts 'ministering' the way women often minister--with food and drink and wiping faces--and two paintings featuring Mary Fielding Smith and another pioneer woman leading her family west.

The YW rooms have both Journey to Bethlehem and Waiting for Shiloh by Joseph Brickey and Behold, He Cometh by Simon Dewey. All of these feature teenage girls. The Primary rooms portray images of Jesus with both little boys and girls. The stake RS president, who selected the art (within the confines of rules, budget, and limited availability of many paintings), did a wonderful job of selecting visual role models for the different demographics worshiping in our building.

We wrote a little bit about each painting on this website that's linked to a QR code next to most paintings: http://highlandsranchstakecenterart.org/wordpress/

I think the primary intention in hanging the art was to show visitors to our highly used building that we worship Christ and believe in the Bible, but the result has been far greater.

I use one of the paintings each week at Family Home Evening to teach about the gospel story (and to sneak in some art appreciation). I LOVE how Minerva Teichert fits in the female view to the scripture stories; I feel like it fits in some necessary pieces when we see those women participating. And the Annie Henrie we have hanging outside the chapel is my favorite painting of all. Henrie is a young woman who often includes a young girl in her paintings because of her relationship with her younger sister; that resonates with my experience exactly. Those using our building see female artists and depictions of women from scripture stories and our history (as well as some wonderful male artists and plenty of depictions of men, of course).

It has been a great blessing to me personally and to our stake in general.

Shelley Graham

I have loved reading this post and all of the comments on it. I was inspired, standing at the back of the RS room this past Sunday, holding a little baby and looking at all of the portraits of the prophets, to approach our RS president and ask if she would mind if I created a similar wall of portraits for the past and current General Relief Society Presidents. She loved the idea and told me to go forward with the project. Unfortunately, I can't find a good collection of them! I thought I might find them on lds.org but no luck...and none at any of the other bookstores online that I could think of right off hand. Does anyone out there know how I can find those? Thanks so much!

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