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January 20, 2015


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Alison Moore Smith

Congrats on the new position, Neylan. Sounds like a great opportunity where you can maximize your skills.

As a mom of six I have seen first hand the dearth of really good intellectual experiences for kids (even those that bill themselves as such), so it's a needed niche.

Best to you in your new adventure.


Congratulations Neylan! I wish you the best in your new job, it sounds very exciting! Woot woot, startups!

Kimberly Wagner

Brain Chase sounds terrific. I'll look into it for my kids this summer. I just wish it would keep them occupied for more than one hour each day! Best of luck to you with this transition.


Best wishes in your new venture. And thanks for mentioning "Fields of Blood"--it was just the sort of book I was looking for!

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