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September 29, 2014


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Kristine A

I have to comment about how other faiths view and treat motherhood as sacred, without worshipping it. I have diagnosed unexplained infertility. The church's rhetoric on motherhood is spiritually damaging. It took me years, reading a lot of Rachel Held Evans, and claiming feminism to reject it. Unequivocally I say to the church:

"No. You are wrong. Motherhood is not the highest and holiest calling. Discipleship is. Being Christlike is. Mothers are called to be disciples. I'm called to be Christlike in my interactions with my family, friends, and neighbors. And even with my one daughter conceived via IVF. In fact I am a feminist because I am a mother. Because I'm committed to sacrifice my good status, name, and place in our culture for the hope of a brighter tomorrow for HER. But my motherhood is not my purpose, it is a part of my purpose. I, am called to be like a destitute, single, foreign, childless woman named Ruth, "eshet chayil", a woman of God, a woman of Valor.

Being a woman of God has *nothing* to do with your role. it has *everything* to do with your character"

I continue to stand by my personal revelation that what God gave me to do is no less important than the mother of 5 children. And I do so in opposition to messages from Bonneville Communications, official social media outlets, and our leaders. Everyone else has this right but us, and we will continue to damage and lose women over it. I'd love to attend synagogue on Mother's Day so that I could also be valued for more than the potential of my uterus (now and in the eternities).


Yes, yes, a million times yes to more short speakers during the women's session.

I'd love to hear your take on them editing out the word "fourth" in the priesthood session's prayer.

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