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October 02, 2013


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Thank you Neylan. I have been reading a lot on this topic lately and have been seeking to formulate my own stance; much of how I feel is wonderfully expressed here. I loved your FAIR talk from last year - Joel and I had a great discussion about it with Ashley & Corey shortly after it was given, and I shared it widely within my ward and with family and friends. I really am shocked you had a lot of negative response to it. I applaud your bravery for sharing your convictions and ideas for how we can make the church more like the Zion it one day will be.

Lori Forsyth

I see I'm coming late to this party, but wanted to tip my hat to you for this line:

"I could take on Falstaff himself in a throwdown of insults with the library of personal attacks I have amassed over the past year."

It strikes me as a fine and productive use for such comments, to catalog them according to their heft in a battle with such a foe. Very wisely handled.

I enjoyed the substance of the piece as well, of course, and will benefit from reviewing it and thinking carefully through these thoughts. Thanks!

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