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November 24, 2013


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Luisa Perkins

What a fascinating day that must have been! I love your insights, here and always.

Elana Jan Bodin

I smiled and then laughed as I read the parts of this blog that referred to your parents' apartment in Manhattan. I spent many hours there at parties and dinners...and I can still picture a Christmas party with your dad vacuuming the white carpet (especially around the Christmas tree which was shedding some of its needles) while the party was in full swing. The scary part was...it made sense to me. We shared that penchant for the perfect museum-quality environment. So many good memories....

Patti Cook

"Sister Hoole reminded me as a mother that acts of cleaning, ordering, and the seeming drudgery of domestic life can actually be sacraments in the building of an eternal family." I loved this line! What a beautiful tribute to these two women and to the idea of beauty and order in homemaking. Thanks for sharing Neylan.

Bryn Brown

Thanks for sharing these great insights into these two women. I especially loved how you honored them for their uniqueness yet honored your own uniqueness as well. I do believe we can learn from each other but do not need to become each other!

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