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October 29, 2013


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Rose Judd-Murray

I needed to read this today.
I'll need to read it again tomorrow.
Your astute insight is greatly appreciated.
I love you, lady.


I just wrote about time in my journal. Questions like "What Are We Waiting For?" and statements such as "Don't Let Time Get Away From You" have been coming to mind. I don't have a smart phone or a blog. I actually homeschool (some of my kids) the others are in a Charter School, and I like to hand write my letters and half of my journals.

How is it that I already reminisce about “the good old days?” Am I really that old? I wish my kids could grow up in the world I did. Life happened in rhythm with the seasons. Time was a process, not a privilege measured in minutes on the computer or game system. Waiting was an organic part of living. Waiting generated hope and anticipation, solidified friendships, and encouraged strategic or creative endeavors. We left windows of time instead of cracks. Without hand held vices, we maintained a constant stream of interest and connection with one another at gatherings. And used our hands to tell our stories with lively gestures and warmth, rather than clicks of a keypad. We chewed our gum long after it ran out of flavor. We waited for the mail. We waited for the evening news. We waited for a book to come in at the library. We waited for test results. We waited for our favorite song to play on the radio so we could hit record for our mix tape. We waited for the VHS to rewind. We waited for our friends to call. We waited for our hair to dry. We waited for our film to develop. We waited for cartoons on Saturday morning. We waited for commercials to be over. We waited for food to grow. We waited for food to cook. We waited to hear someones voice or see their face. We waited to find answers. We waited without hand held distractions in lines at the grocery store (other than the magazines on racks). We waited without DVD's on long car trips. We waited for new toys to get worn in without moving onto the next big thing.

Time was precious, but not because it was a spare moment packed in between school, texting, checking email, music lessons, responding to email, checking Facebook, dinner, homework, texting, and bedtime. Time was patient and forgiving.

Nowadays, time goes by in an instant. And we are never satisfied. We want things faster, but try to cheat its influence on our bodies. We are such masters of manipulation, we've lost the very essence of time.

We make it, take it, beat it, mind it, waste it, save it, lose it, find it. Don't let it get away from you, because there is never enough of it. If flies by, lines things up, and heals all wounds. Oh, just look at the time! It's right, it's wrong. If time was on my side, I wouldn't wonder where its gone.


Thank you, reminders are good. Patience is an attribute I continue to seek as I work on being more patient with those things that frustrate me. In the past, because I had little patience I was explosive. Today, I go to the source of all intelligence, kneel and ask in prayer for more. More patience!

Rachel Hamrick

A complete restructuring of my neuro pathways has just begun. I grabbed my cell phone before thinking about it for very long could cause me to change my mind and just deleted my facebook app. In just five short minutes I've already developed and eye twitch. And my fingers are a bit jumpy too. But I think I might pull through somehow, haha. Praying for some brain mercy now ;)

Tiffany L.

This is the exact reason I have my children practice the violin or piano every day--they will never be virtuosos, but I hope they learn the patience and delayed gratification that come with each new piece of music. However, I rarely expect myself to live by the same standards! This is a good reminder that I need to examine my own impulses. I look forward to reading the articles you highlighted--thanks!

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