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September 28, 2010


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Emily M.

Neylan, congratulations on the new job. It sounds like a perfect fit. Did you see the Times and Seasons discussion about the "I'm a Mormon" campaign? What did you think of it?


Neylan, this really does sound perfect for you. We'll miss you at piano group, of course, but I'm so thrilled to see where this leads. I'm already excited about mormon.org, but now even more so!


Congrats, Neylan--you'll be fabulous!

Michelle Glauser

Way to go, Neylan!


I like your ads and would probably attend a congregation that is like the people in your ads. But I am afraid that we are only setting investigators up for disappointment.

Until people have a good experience at church, glitzy television ads will remain counterproductive.

We have been running more and more sophisticated television ad campaigns since the sixties and convert retention has continued to decline.

If you don't have retention, you can't recruit fast enough. You really have nothing.

Instead of painting a new facade on the church, the church has to figure out why it is less and less able to satisfy people's needs. Until then, the better the television ad campaign, the worse convert retention.

The LDS Church doesn't need advertisements on television. It needs promotion in the chapel.

Until we recover the vibrancy of the Mormon experience at the ward level, PR efforts will remain futile and counterproductive.


I guess the one thing the new campaign is successful at is getting people talking. I have had several people at work ask me "what is up with the mormon ads"? They feel confused by them and wonder what we are trying to accomplish. And while I am not a fan of the ad campaign, it does open the door to have a good discussion about religious differences AND similarities. I love the people in my ward and while they aren't the type who would be featured in the campaign, they would make excellent friends to anyone who actually crossed their path or crossed the foyer into our meeting. I guess I would like to see more reality in these ads....like "I'm a mormon, and like everyone else, I struggle to overcome my natural selfish nature. I try to walk in kindness and love God and my neighbor but fall short of this goal every day. I am so grateful for a Savior who makes it possible for me to try again every day and keep learning. I have a Heavenly Father who has made it possible for me to have this great adventure called life and I continue to learn every day....both from my mistakes and my successes. Nothing else about me....my marital status, my career, my educational achievements...whether I fit in or not...matters. I count it all as loss when compared to what my Savior Jesus Christ has done for me and through me. I am grateful to those within the Mormon church who have led me to a deeper understanding and relationship with my Savior. I am also grateful to my friends of other faiths who have shared their deep relationship with Christ. "Mormon" may be one of my labels, but first and foremost I am a child of God."


One more comment...I would love to see all the money for this ad campaign dispersed to local congregations who could then use it to reach out and serve those who are in need. Our local congregations already do a great job of that (quietly and without fanfare)....such as the Lindell Ward in St. Louis who purchased and delivered $500 worth of food for our community's food drive last year. People are suffering on this planet and our first job is to make sure their needs are met. Our local congregations do a great job at this but I would love to see them have more resources.

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